After your online booking we’ll send you a mail of confirmation and a registration link for our date to log in at the conference app ZOOM.

You have to send this link to all registered participants.

All participants should please log in 5 mins before official start and should have all ingredients and equipment ready.

After a short introduction and general information on the upcoming event, we start cooking.

We’ll begin with preparing the dessert as it needs cooling time.

Then we are going to cook the main course. We‘ll explain & show every step slowly and clearly so everybody can follow.

There will be enough time to ask questions and get little hints & tips.

After preparing and plating the main course, each one will present it to the group. This will be the end of the official event an the chef is going to leave the conference. All others can still stay online and enjoy their food together.

Our setup

  • high speed internet (250 Mb)
  • high definition webcam pre programmed views
  • high quality microphone
  • professional lighting

Recommended setup for participants

  • for a better experience, laptop and tablet beat a smartphone
  • ZOOM App needs to be installed
  • bluetooth headset with microphone makes communication easier
  • internet speed of 50 mb should be sufficient
  • depending on your device a stand and we recommend to place the device a bit higher for a view on you, the cook, and the worktop