These are all just suggestions. We are open to further wishes for preferences and would be happy to put something together.

Menu September & October 2020


  • braised beet root in herbs, burned leek and parsnippuree
  • raw lasagne of zucchini with walnutcream, dried tomatoes and herb salad
  • buckwheat noodles with miso vegetables and easy kim chi

(Please choose only one main course for the whole group)

With the choice of

  • corn fed chicken with pumpkin seeds and thyme
  • kohlrabisteak fried in panko flour
  • medium grilled beef with rosemry and roasted onions

(Please pick one for all; vegetarian/ vegan alternative can be chosen on top, so everyone can participate)


  • plum crumble with ginger and whiskeycream
  • applte tarte with marzipan and marinated raisins
  • creamy milk rice with caramelized grapes

(Please choose one for all)

Menu for November and December 2020


Braised kale with raisins and sesame seeds
Roasted potato bars with parsnip puree and herb pesto
Roasted red cabbage with potato dumplings

(Please choose a main course for everyone.)

optionally in addition

Beef ragout with mulled wine sauce
Baked Hokkaido pumpkin with a creamy sauce of Dijon mustard
Duck breast in apple lacquer with juniper and melted shallots

(Please choose one option for everyone; a vegetarian / vegan alternative can also be chosen so that everyone can participate.)


Baked apple with red wine reduction and almond brittle
Pear tart with amaretto cream and chocolate crunch

(Please choose a dessert for everyone.)